Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away...

Just back from our very wet, very rainy Memorial weekend trip.  We have never seen so much rain during any stretch of time we have spent at the cabin. The lake is at least two feet above normal.  The dock is almost under water and we decided not to leave the boat on the lift for fear that it may end up floating away.  The lake was continuing to rise even as we left today.  We did find a few minutes of sunshine on Monday and took some photos.

The entire drive up we drove through pouring rain.  Everything in the trailer was soaked even though I had it heavily tarped.   Even the coolers that were strapped shut had about 1.5 inches of water in the bottom of them.

Shortly after we arrived, there was a break in the rain.  I took the opportunity to hook up the satellite dish.  It was good I did, since we got stuck inside most of the weekend and it was nice to have some TV to view.

I did manage to get a little work done.  I trimmed out the windows in the main living room to finally get rid of the exposed 2x6's around the windows.  It actually looks quite nice.

The highlight of the weekend was when Mitchell caught a 13" small mouth bass.  It was the biggest fish he has ever caught.  I think the entire lake heard him celebrating.  

This was our 2nd trip of the year. Our first trip was 3 weeks ago. I had found a bunk bed on Craig's List and instead of storing it we decided just to take it up.  The boys have been sleeping on it and think it's about 1000 times better than the cot's they had been sleeping on.  I also brought up a single twin bed for Julissa so all the kids are sleeping on real beds now.  Too bad Mom and Dad are still sleeping on an air bed on the floor...