Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally, an update in 2010

It's been a very busy spring/summer so far. Between work and kids activities, I seem to have very little time to plan the cabin goals for the year. We have managed to get up to the cabin three times so far this year. It survived the winter well.

So far we have not done much "work" during our trips. I installed a wall heater in the bathroom. We had to install a new water heater because the old one I installed last year gave out. Another unexpected expense. Cheryl has been busy finishing up the insulation in the walls and installing the vapor barrier. I had to replace the burners in the grill and install new decking on the front steps. I attempted to install our satellite dish system, but was not 100% successful. I have a few more kinks to work out.

The July 4th weekend is upon us now. We are planning our annual week at the cabin, starting on July 1. We are hoping to finish the sheetrock in the main living space (kitchen/family room) and possibly the hallway if we have time. Once we get the kitchen area done we can finally bring up the cabinets that have been taking up space in my garage for the last two years.

One thing I have noticed is that I am losing my motivation to work the entire time we are up there. I guess having running water, a shower, and a toilet have made me a little lazy. Hopefully I can get over that soon, as there is still lots to do. I will update you with our progress after we return.

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