Monday, October 10, 2011

Closing up for the year

We made a quick run up this weekend to get things closed up for the year. We had a few sprinkles but for the most part the weather was very nice. Highs around 70. Not bad for the second weekend in October. A few weeks back we had bought a ceiling fan on clearance at Home Depot. We it and took it up with us and installed the fan in the "great room". It will provide a good amount of light and it will be nice on those hot summer days too.
From 2011 Cabin Work
We did a bunch of tree trimming that was long overdue. We now have much better views of the lake from the cabin area and no longer have to duck below branches to get down to the lake.
From 2011 Cabin Work
From 2011 Cabin Work
It it always sad to take the boat out of the season, but it had to be done. The dock removal guys need to get the docks out in the next couple of weeks.

I tried something new this year to empty out the water lines. I connected the air compressor to the water supply and completely blew out the water lines. In the past I relied on gravity to drain the water lines. The new technique seems to work much nicer and is really easy - thanks Pete!

We will try to make it up another time or two this fall if the weather permits. It's always interesting to see how different things look after the trees are bare. There is always a better chance of seeing some wildlife in the fall too. Last trip up we did see a black bear along the road just south of Emily. That was the first time we've see a bear in the area.

Well, that wraps it up for this year. If we do make it up again and anything interesting happens I will let you know. It's been a great year up there. Next year I just need to get that new roof put on. Until next time, take care and "enjoy" the other seasons.

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