Monday, July 9, 2012

Heat, Storms, and Roofing

Wow. Not sure where to begin with this update. The temperatures were about as hot as I have ever seen them up there. Dew points in the 70's and actual temps in the 90's made for some hot days (and nights).

In addition to the heat, we had several storms come through. On Monday (July 2nd), a strong storm took down some of our neighbors trees, one landing on a new truck. On the evening of the 4th, storms prohibited us from attending fireworks in Crosby and Friday we got so much rain the lake rose about a foot by Saturday. We also found out that during the storms that flooded Duluth, our lake got so high that our boat floated off the lift and down the lake. A neighbor from across the lake can to the rescue and after the water went down, returned it to our lift. We also learned that our dirt road to the cabin had been closed for several days after those storms because much of the road had washed out.

The good news is that when it was not storming, we did manage to put new steel roofing on both the garage and the cabin. The steel arrived late Monday afternoon.

We decided to begin with the garage to make sure we knew what we were doing before tackling the cabin. We started the garage on Tuesday morning and got all the steel on it before sunset. I still had a lot of screws to install on the roof, but at least all the steel was up. I tried finishing the install on Wednesday, but the heat got the best of me and I had to wait until early Thursday to finish.

After finishing the garage roof on Thursday, we went straight to work on the cabin. We decided it would be safe to get the first 20 feet done. The cabin was much more time consuming because I had to cut a ridge vent and also remove some old vents. I worked on cutting the ridge vent while Cheryl put down all the quarter inch foam over the existing shingles. The cabin roof is much less square than the garage roof. This caused us some difficulties as well.

Having a ridge vent (which is covered by the foam in the photo above) required us to make sure it was covered at the end of the day in case of rain before we could continue. I made sure only to cut the ridge vent within the section we were working on. This turned out to be a good thing, because on Thursday night and all day Friday it poured. We got several inches of rain. The good news is that there were no leaks. Also, just for the record, rain on the metal roof did not cause any additional noise.

The rain stopped late on Friday and Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day. We got started before 8am and finished around 9pm Saturday night. Just in time to head over to town to see the fireworks. Outing always puts on a great show.

I have to give kudos to my wife, Cheryl. She was critical to the the completion of these roofs. She totally surprised me. I had not expected her to be on the roofs so much. I actually thought she had a fear of heights, but she totally proved me wrong. Sometimes I love being proved wrong. Thanks honey!!

I also would like to thank my mother-in-law, Kathy. She was up for a good portion of the week and helped entertain the rug rats while Cheryl and I focused on the roof. Thanks Kathy!

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Cheryl said...

Not a fear of heights.....a fear of ladders!! Always think they are going to buckle or slip when I am on them. Goes back to my childhood, I think. My dad had a few horrible accidents while on a ladder that lead to broken bones and ER visits. It's the only thing I can think of that created the fear of ladders within me.