Sunday, June 16, 2013

First trip of 2013

We made our first trip up on memorial weekend since the weather has been so lousy this year.  We've been so busy since then, that I have not taken to time to document it until now.  When we arrived I noticed that the sewer vent that I installed last year that comes out the roof was leaning over.  When I got inside I saw that the 3 inch PVC pipe was busted off.  It appears that the heavy wet snow from April had slid down the roof and applied so much weight to the pipe that it broke.

As you can see from the photo above, I had a 3 inch direct vent from outside to the utility room.  Luckily it must not have rained much after this happened because there was very minimal evidence of water damage in the utility room.  I temporally fixed the pipe, like any man would do, using duct tape.  One of our later trips up this year I will replace the PVC and also use stringers to attach the pipe to the wall next to it so that this can't happen again.

Being our first trip up for the year, we spent most of the time doing yard work.  Moving, and cutting back bushes.  I also got out the chainsaw and cut up a dead tree that had fallen last year. 

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