Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The inspection

Grandma and Grandpa agreed to watch the kids last weekend, so Cheryl and I made run up to the lake to finish up the electrical work. We arrived on Saturday morning and worked all day Saturday and Sunday. It's amazing how much more work you can accomplish when you don't have the little one's around. The inspector arrived on Monday and I'm happy to report that our electrical rough-in passed inspection with flying colors! He said he was very impressed with our work and that most "homeowner" jobs end up with 2-4 pages of problems that need to be fixed. He did ask me to change the circuit servicing the two outlets in the dining room from 15 amps to 20 amps, but that he did not need to come back to inspect it.

Now it's time to plan out our next trip up that happens in two weeks. I know we need to get the trim work for the siding in place (starter strip, outside corners, j-trim, etc) during that trip. We need to get that stuff in place so we can be prepared for our big siding weekend in September. I would really love to get the toilet installed so that we can actually use the septic that we paid so much for this year. I know I'm probably getting way to ambitious in my goals for the week, but I always do.

I would also like to point out that my wife, Cheryl has been a major contributor to all the work that we've done on the cabin to date. Without her hard work the cabin would still be an empty shell.

I will report back upon return from our next trip up...

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