Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let the work begin

The family made the first trip up last weekend. Things looked great. I could not be happier. No trees down, no mice nests, and no break-in's. The siding that we put up in the fall looked great except for one top piece that came a little loose right above the front door.
From 2009 cabin

We did a ton of raking in which the boys were really a big help. I finally got around to wiring up the pump and alarm in the septic system to try it out. Both the pump and the alarm seem to be working great. This is good news since I plan on getting all the plumbing functional this year.

I gave the roof a good looking over. It's actually in better shape then I thought it was. I'm thinking that the bathroom and kitchen area will be the top priorities for this year. If I don't get the time to do the roof this year, I'm sure it will be fine until next year.

Our current plan is to go up over Memorial weekend and start the bathroom work. First I will need to get the water lines in place, then insulation and sheet rock. Hopefully we will make good progress and my next post will include some good new photos.

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