Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

I had big plans for Memorial weekend this year. My plan was to get up there early on Saturday and get a good 1/2 day of work in on Saturday.

As usual things did not go according to plan, starting with the 10 vehicle (7 motor cycles and 3 cars) crash on 169 around Lake Mille Lacs. After sitting on 169 for nearly an hour, we (and hundreds of others) all had to turn our vehicles around and take an alternate route because they closed the road. We saw 3 ambulances, at least 10 emergency vehicles and a medical chopper arrive. From what I understand no one died at least.

Anyway, the drive up ended up taking 5.5 hours and we did not get the early start I wished for. After unpacking and getting situated, Saturday was basically shot.

We did get started at a decent time Sunday morning. I worked all day roughing in the hot and cold water supply lines. Prior to going up, I had drawn up plans on exactly how I would plumb the lines. After I got started I realized there was a much better way and completely re-worked my plan.
From 2009 cabin

From 2009 cabin

From 2009 cabin

I was able to complete the work on Sunday. I even managed to spend a little time fishing with the boys off the dock thanks to Cheryl for picking up some worms in town earlier that day.
From 2009 cabin

Monday morning was time to put the system to the test. I fired up the well pump and loaded the water lines full of pressurized water. Amazingly I only had a couple of small leaks which did not take long to fix. While I was testing the system Cheryl was roughing in electrical lines for baseboard heat that will be installed at some point.

All in all, it was a very productive weekend. Our next trip up should be a week long and we should (keep fingers crossed) have a fully sheetrocked, functional bathroom with toilet, shower and all. I'm really looking forward to having hot water and a toilet.

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