Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finally, an update

Wow, this sure has been a busy summer.  I apologize for not providing an update recently.  I have been meaning to update this blog for over a month, but have not had much time to sit down and do so.

We have been up to the cabin twice since my last update.  We went up over the 4th and found some time to hang sheet rock in the front bedroom.  We went up again over the weekend of July 19 and almost finished the sheet rock in the last bedroom.  I only need three more sheets of sheet rock to complete the entire cabin.   Hopefully next time we go up I will be able to bring the last three sheets I need.  Then I just need to find some time to mud, tape, sand, and paint the bedrooms.  Maybe I will be able to escape once or twice this fall.

I could show pictures sheet rock, but that is boring.  Instead, I will show you these...

We spotted this strange creature along the road.  Turns out it is called a Hummingbird Moth.

One of the loons on the lake.

We got a new tube and the kids love it...

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