Monday, September 2, 2013

Putting the 'Labor' in Labor Day

It was quite the weekend at the lake this Labor Day weekend.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon to a slightly rainy, warm day.  We brought our last three sheets of sheet rock up with us with plans of completing the sheet rock in the back bedroom.

Late Thursday afternoon the skies turned dark and for the first time ever, we heard the tornado sirens go off.  Luckily all we got was some heavy rain.  The tornado actually hit about 10 miles north east of us.  I have not heard of any real damage that it caused.

Friday was a beautiful day.  No bugs, great temps, tons of sun, and not many people on the lake.  We did a lot of tubing and playing in the lake.  The forecast for Sunday was much cooler, so we decided Sunday was the day we would put up the sheet rock.

Saturday was another fantastic day.  Sun, sun, and more sun.  The lake was much busier, but that is to be expected.  Right around 5:00 pm the skies started to cloud up.  By 5:30 pm the sky was very dark and everyone abandoned the lake.  It was a good thing too because a quick storm came through that caused quite a bit of damage.  Cheryl and I were watching out the front windows when we saw our boat and lift do a 180 degree flip and end up like this:

Click the images to see a larger view

The storm did not last long so after the storm Cheryl and I went out and managed to release the boat from under the lift and somehow got it upright again.  The boat itself was only slightly damaged, but I fear the cost of getting the motor running again.

There were a bunch of tree's down all around on the lake.  Neighbors directly across from us both had tree's down along the shoreline.  Many others had downed tree's around their cabins, but I did not see any that fell on cabins.  Within a few minutes of the storm, the sound of chainsaws was coming from all directions and continued through most of the day Sunday.

I did not see any other lifts that got flipped on the lake, just ours.  Of course, the power went out during the storm, but thankfully it was restored by 9:00 pm.

On Sunday we used the trolling motor to get the boat over to the landing and out of the lake.  Amazingly everything that was in the boat, stayed in the boat.  Life jackets, skiing ropes, the anchor, battery, gas tank, everything.  I set everything out to dry.

I called the folks that put our lift in and out each year, but they were not able to come out on Sunday and rescue the lift.  They should be out within a few days to rescue it.  Also, being a Sunday the local Marina was not open either.  We will head up again next weekend to assess the lift damage and talk to the Marina to get a feeling for the damage to the motor.

Needless to say, we did not spend Sunday putting up our last pieces of sheet rock.  That will have to wait for another day.

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