Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The summer that was not

It took me until September to update this blog for 2014.  The only excuse I have is that the "summer" went way too fast.  We had a disgustingly long winter, and spring lasted through June.  June was the 2nd wettest on record in Minnesota.  I'm not sure if/when summer actually arrived.  I believe we hit 90 degrees twice this year.

The days that were hot, triggered strong storms in Outing.  Over the 4th of July week, a storm took off the roof of a building in town, knocking down power lines as well.  We were back up a couple of weeks later (July 19-22nd) and a big storm knocked down a bunch of trees on our property.  A couple of them landed on the back of our Toyota Sequoia.  Insurance totaled the vehicle.  Luckily none of us were hurt and the cabin and the garage had no damage.

After that storm, we were not able to get back up to the cabin (due to lack of a vehicle and busy schedules) for a month.  We managed to replace the Sequoia with another Sequoia of similar age/mileage.

We were finally able to get up there on Aug 22nd for a long weekend.  Over the course of 3 days, it rained so much that the water level of the lake went up 12 inches.  We spent a lot of time cleaning up the downed tree's (at least the ones that were in our way).

We had bought a new speed boat this spring, but barely used it due to cool weather and rain.  At least we were able to get it out a few times.

The upside to the cool weather and rain is that we did manage to get a good amount of work done inside the cabin.  We got 2 of the 3 bedrooms mudded, taped, painted, and flooring installed.  We also got the flooring installed in the hallway as well.

I still hope to get back up a couple of more times this fall to mud/tape the final bedroom.  Hopefully that will go well.

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