Monday, September 9, 2013


I have a couple of bits of good news to share.  

I went up this past weekend with a couple of buddies to see if we could get the boat running.  One of my buddies is pretty knowledgeable about small engines (which I am not) and he was able to get it up an running in no time.  I learned a few things about boat engines in the process.  We cleaned up the spark plugs, drained the carburetors, cleaned the fuel filter, and blew out any remaining water.  

After getting it started again, it was purring like a kitten.  It was running so well, we took it out and he did some water skiing.  

Last week, the crew that puts the boat lift in each year came and rescued the upside down boat lift from the lake.  They placed it up on shore for us.  This is how it looked when we arrived.

The main lower unit did not appear damaged in any way.  The real damage occurred to the upper ribbing that the canvas attaches to.  One of the uprights that supports the upper unit was also slightly bent.  We got to work trying to un-mangle the upper ribbing.  It went well and now it's pretty much back to normal.

I was shocked to discover that even the canvas survived pretty well.  Other than being discolored, it only had a few minor rips along one edge.  We can surely put it back on if we decide to do so.

In addition to those two projects, we decided to finishing hanging the drywall in the last bedroom.  The drywall hanging is now complete within the entire cabin!!! 

Needless to say, I am much happier writing this today than I was writing the last update.  I owe a lot of thanks to my good friends for helping me getting this all done.  Thank you Steve and Bob.

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