Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 4th week

We returned to the cabin for an entire week during the 4th of July. I had huge plans to get all the electrical, a bunch of plumbing, and other misc tasks completed. Well, as it always turns out, I did not get done nearly as much as I wanted to. We did hit some major milestones though. The week before we went up, the septic system was installed on the property.

So that was a major deal (and a major expense).

The first full day we were there got the well hooked up! We now have running water. You can see the blue well tank.

During the week there were many distractions but I did manage to get about 75% of the electrical installed and I installed an outside water valve for a hose hookup. We also completed the rest of the interior framing. We had to bring in a one-piece shower prior to framing a couple of the walls due to it's size.

The next trip up should be in a couple of weeks.

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Mort said...

Cool blog dude! Love getting updates on the progress.