Monday, June 22, 2009

It's hot, it's buggy, and I want a bathroom!

We arrived at the cabin Wednesday (6/17) afternoon and came home yesterday (6/21 - Fathers day). Luckily there was no rain on the way up because we hauled a bunch of insulation and the bathroom vanity in our open trailer. Unfortunately I forgot my camera this trip so I have no pictures to share.

Wednesday was consumed by the typical chores you have when you arrive. Mowing the grass, unpacking the truck, unpacking the trailer, running to the gas station to get gas, etc. We put the boat in the water for the first time this year on Wednesday. It was nice to get out on the lake again.

Thursday Cheryl and I insulated the wall and ceiling of the bathroom. Then we installed the vapor barrier. We got the shower drain opening cut and the shower base in place. We had to hang running boards along the ceiling in the bathroom every 16 inches to support the 1/2 inch sheet rock I bought. Lesson learned: buy 5/8 inch sheet rock for the ceiling from now on. We finished hanging the sheet rock on the ceiling by the end of the day.

Friday we continued our march towards a bathroom by finishing 95% of the remainder of the sheet rock. We only had one more piece to hang, but first I needed to complete the plumbing for the shower. This process turned out to be much more difficult then I had anticipated. Saturday was mostly consumed with this effort. Of course, it was 85 degrees outside (which means it was like 100 degrees in the cabin) on Saturday, so I did not work all that hard. The boys "convinced" old Dad to go swimming in the lake, have a boat ride, make smores by the fire, go out for dinner, etc...

By Sunday we were all ready to go home. I did taping and mudding on the sheet rock before we left. Packing up is always a multi-hour process so I did not have time to finish the first layer of mud.

All in all, I would say it was a good trip. As usual, I had hopes to get further, but there is always next time. It is so cool to actually have walls in one room. You can't see straight through the cabin any longer. I'm looking forward to our next trip up. I hope the temperatures cooperate, otherwise working inside the 90% uninsulated cabin becomes almost unbearable.

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